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Bahamas travel, climate, and flight information

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season officially lasts from June to November, but that shouldn’t discourage the visitor at all. Reports of bad weather are often less than accurate, causing some U.S. visitors to cancel their vacations for no reason. If the reports do turn out to be true, many Bahamian hotels have a Hurricane Cancellation Policy that mitigates risk. Visitors who cancel during a hurricane can receive an immediate refund with no penalties. If you do happen to get caught in a hurricane, despite everything, hotels will continue to offer courteous service and extend the lowest possible rate.

Rainy Season
Even paradise needs to cool off with a little rain now and then. The islands have rain year-round, which explains the lush vegetation. Squalls and thundershowers pass through quickly, so the rain never has to ruin your day. May and June are the months with most rain, typically with about twice as much falling in the northern islands as in the southern ones.
Water Temperature – Diving:  when to go and where

Due to the tropical climate and the warm water temperatures The Bahamas is an ideal year round vacation destination for divers. The water temperature in The Bahamas ranges in the course of the year between 73 degrees as the lowest and 82 degrees as the highest. The water temperatures differ between the islands and this results in varied marine life encounters at certain times of year. We can provide advice on which islands, dive centers, live-aboards and sites to visit for divers seeking specific marine life encounters (with sharks for example) and what sort of wetsuits you may prefer to take and use. The trade winds have blessed The Bahamas with warm year-round weather, with winter lows averaging a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit and summer highs with high humidity at around 80–90, with a gentle dip at night of just 5 to 7 degrees. The water temperature in The Bahamas ranges in the course of the year between 73 degrees as the lowest and 82 degrees as the highest. 

The Bahamas have insects that bite – sandfly bites are particularly itchy and just something visitors and locals have to put up with as are the ‘no-seeums!’ but none of these insects transmit any diseases in The Bahamas. However, the bites can be horribly itchy and annoying (we know!) and worse for some so the best approach is to take precautions. Sandflies and Mosquitoes affect people differently and mosquitoes appear only at certain times of the year (twice a year for example in Long Island). Most hotels and resorts have insect screens if necessary (sand flies still get through these so then you need to turn on air conditioning lightly and use room sprays) and provide insect repellants. However, it is worth bringing your own repellant and after-bite sprays  (you can also use vinegar or alcohol) and  take resort staff advice about places to avoid at certain times of day if  bites are a particular worry for young families for example.
How to get there from the UK
Indigo Safaris will organize all of your trip apart from booking your international flights. However, we can advise you on international flights and we will arrange, reserve and book all your local flights and transfers. 
British Airways (08708 509 850; flies five times a week from Heathrow to Nassau. Flight time is 9 hours and 30 minutes.
American Airlines (0845 7789 789; flies daily from Heathrow to Nassau. 
How to get there from Paris
American Airlines flies from Paris via Miami. There are many other route options – we can advise. We recommed you use and for up to the minute ticket prices and routes. 
Connections to the out islands are available with Bahamasair (00 1 242 377 5505; amongst other local airlines.

How to get there from the USA - direct

American Airlines flies direct from Miami to Nassau. Delta also have direct flights, as do other major carriers.
If you're travelling from the USA, the new high-speed Bahamas Florida Express ( runs daily (journey time two hours) between Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Grand Bahama. 
There is also a superfast ferry (cruise ship with gambling and cabins) to Bimini from Miami, Florida. Crossings take 2 hours. Transfers from Miami International Airport to Miami Ferry Marina take a minimum of 30 minutes but allow for traffic and plenty of time to clear customs.



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Escorted photographic safaris

Papua New Guinea - Highland and Coastal Tribes, 7 to 18 September, $3195 

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Sardine Run 19 to 28 June from approx $2595 USD

Liveaboard Specials

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Underwater photo workshops

Come an learn to take magazine-quality images with a point-and-shoot or a DSLR


September 18 to 27, Milne Bay and the southern islands from $2640


Sharks galore!

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